Vintage-Style Parisian Pillow Cover


  I’m over on the Silhouette blog today, sharing about how I used Printable Heat Transfer Material to create this Vintage-Style pillow cover. Pop over to the Silhouette blog to read the post and find out how to make your own. Happy creating!

Colorful and Bright Porch Makeover on a Budget

Before & After: $100 and 24 hour Porch Makeover

With all three kids out of school right now and one who still naps, we spend a lot of time at home so we recently decided to get the kids a small trampoline. Our backyard is tiny so we needed something compact and I wanted something that let them burn some energy. The plus, they’re […]

DIY Dreamcatcher Wreath

DIY Dreamcatcher Wreath

I’ve been loving feathers lately and finally got around to creating a project around them. Legend has it dreamcatchers filter out bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter our minds. Traditionally, they were placed above children’s beds to protect them from nightmares while they were sleeping. The web catches and filters out bad dreams and […]

“Hello” Confetti Dress

"Hello" Confetti Dress ~ Dawn Warnaar for Silhouette

Hello crafty friends! One of my favorite things to do is search the sales racks at places like TJ Maxx and Target for fun but basic pieces I can personalize. Pop over to the Silhouette blog to see how I made this playful “Hello” Confetti Dress with some Fabric Ink and Heat Transfer Rhinestones. It’s […]

DIY Princess Hair Brush

DIY Princess Hair Brush

My 4 ½ year old is very into all things girly…princesses, purses, getting her toes painted, jewelry, etc. In fact, we have to repeatedly tell her to put her purse down when she goes to the potty or comes to the dinner table. She is also getting very into dress up and pretend play so […]

DIY Bottle Opener Wood Signs

DIY Bottle Opener Wood Signs

  It can be so hard to come up with affordable gift’s for men. And handmade ones that aren’t cheesy are even more challenging! I made these wood signs for Father’s Day but they’d be great for birthday, host or Christmas gifts as well. Here’s what you’ll need to make one: 12″ x 12″ x […]

DIY Gold Foil Geometric Pencil Box

DIY Gold Foil Geometric Pencil Holder

  I’m over at the Silhouette blog again today, sharing how easy it is to make this fun little pencil box using the Silhouette Printable Gold Foil and the Geometric Free Shape of the Week. I found the plain pencil box at Target in the office section for about $3! Head over to the blog […]

DIY Angel Wings Tank with Heat Transfer Material


I’m over on the Silhouette blog today, sharing the simple tutorial for this Angel Wings tank I made for myself using Glitter Heat Transfer Material. (Once you get over to the blog, click on the Apparel section. I’ll be traveling today and won’t have internet access to post the direct link until tomorrow.) I was my first […]

12 Summer Sewing Tutorials for Girls


Sewing is something I love that’s been pushed low on the priority list the past year. I’m working on getting it back up there because I really miss it. But in the meantime, here are 12 of my past sewing tutorials for girls. For several of the dresses, I use shirring. You can find my […]

Lemonade Stand Summer Mantel

Lemonade Stand Summer Mantel

When I think of summer, Freshly Squeezed Lemonade is one of the first things that comes to mind, so I decided to go with a Lemonade Stand theme for my summer Mantel. I shared this sneak peek on Instagram earlier in the week while I was working on it… For the wood “Lemonade Stand” sign, I painted […]