Heatshot-DawnWarnaarHi!  I’m Dawn. Despite the blog name, no one actually calls me “Dawn Nicole”. I’m a 30-something proud Air Force wife and mom of three kids (all 5 and under). In my pre-moving-all-the-time-military-spouse-life, I was a HR Manager in the Hospitality field. In an effort to have a more moving-friendly career, I recently finished schooling for Graphic Design and Branding. I am now working on growing my career as a freelance designer over at Creative Type Designs.

While I’m a big believer in being active, clean eating and teaching my kids about the importance of keeping healthy habits, I believe in enjoying almost anything in moderation. I have a lot of interests (cooking, writing, sewing, crafting, fitness…and the list goes on) so you’ll find a bit of everything on my blog!

A few random facts about me:

  • I was born Megan Lisa. My dad changed it to Dawn Nicole because there were so many baby Megan’s in the nursery. My Mom was still drugged up from the surgery so she wasn’t aware this was happening!
  • I’m not a morning or night person, but I can rock mid-day like nobody’s business.
  • I am neurotically punctual. I am always, always, always on time or early. Being late makes me very anxious.
  • I’m a homebody and completely content to hang out by myself. Like I might be a borderline hermit.
  • I found out I’m hypothyroid in between baby #2 and baby #3.
  • I have a BA in English, an MBA in HR Management and an Advanced Certificate in Graphic Design and Branding.
  • I started running a few years ago and I’ve done quite a few 5Ks, an 8K and completed my first half marathon in May of 2013. I trained for 4 months to run my 2nd half in the Spring of 2014, only to get injured 2 weeks prior and have to sit out the race. What doctors thought was a meniscus tear turned out to be pretty bad osteoarthritis in my right knee. #30sarenotthenew20s
  • I wear a size 10 shoe. I used to be self-conscious about it until I read Paris Hilton wears an 11 and for some weird reason, I find that comforting.
  • I met my husband on a street corner outside a bar when he was dared to hit on the next girl that walked by (that ended up being me).
  • I’m an Insanity workout “graduate”.
  • I’m a people pleaser. I can’t stand being yelled at or if someone is upset with me.
  • I love being a momma but I honestly dread babysitting other people’s kids (I have my own kids to exhaust and pester me so I’m too tired for any “add-ons”…at least until they get a bit older). I mean this in the nicest way possible.
  • I love moving every few years like we do. There are downsides for sure but overall, I love the opportunity to experience so many different places (but Charleston is still my favorite and it feels like “home” even though I was born in St. Louis.)
  • I hate when people lack common courtesy or aren’t nice. It’s not that hard to be kind!
You can check out some more random facts about me in the post Beautiful People Do Not Just Happen {Embracing Life’s Joys and Challenges}.


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